Thank you for referring to Compass. Please review the flow chart on the next page and answer the questions, to establish if your patient is eligible for an assessment by Specialised AAC Services. If you are unsure if a referral is appropriate, please contact the Compass team for advice or an informal chat on 020 8780 4500 Ext: 5965 or

If your patient is accepted for an assessment, you will be required to participate in a joint assessment session and provide some ongoing support during any equipment trials. This may include offering practice sessions, helping Compass to review and adapt vocabularies and assisting with implementing any recommended AAC into the patient’s daily routines.

Please note, you will NOT be able to save this on-line form for security reasons, so please make sure you have all the information you need before starting. It may help you to read through and type your answers into a word document so you can copy and paste later.

Please also note that we cannot accept a referral without an NHS number – this is an NHS England pre-requisite for referral.

Thank you

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